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I can bury myself in my work and then suddenly I just want to be super social! So, this is me being social. Like I have hinted numerous times, I am working on something super cool and lovely and exciting that will be revealed (hopefully) by the end of next week. You can see a sneak peek here. (!!!!!) All I can say is that it involves scrapbook pages and I have to admit my favorite ones that I have ever created. I really feel that when you work so much things only get better and more beautiful!

Remember to come here next week. OKAY? okay.

Anyone want to guess what I am doing? Leave me a comment and I will pick a winner randomly next week to win some cool stuff like already cut out cut files.

Secondly, I was on the paperclipping roundtable last week. Yeah. I was the one that got bleeped for saying a bad word that I really did not mean to say. (insert laughing with tears icon here)
Click over to the paperclipping.com and go and listen.

If you really don’t want to miss my big announcement, please be sure to follow me:


More Good news! I heard from 2peas that they will be giving me the full rights to my 2peas workshops! I am finalizing my ideas on how to proceed but how ever I do it, it will only be done in the fall (October/November). So, thank you for your patience but know that the content you paid for is in my hands and as safe and sound as can be. I will have to edit some of the content to reflect the new home and that will take some time.

Then, lastly but NOT scrapbooking related, a friend and I started a little Wedding Photography Business. I am such a romantic soul and love photographing weddings. Please have a look at our Soul Wedding Photography Facebook page and it would mean the world to us if you like it! (insert 10 red hearts here)

Talk soon… AND I AM so so so thankful for my Summer Guest posters. How awesome are they?

Next week okay!!

Wilna Furstenberg


  1. says

    I heard you mention that you’ve got something new in the works on the Paperclipping Roundtable episode, and was so excited! I’m sure it will be lovely and amazing, can’t wait to see what it is!

  2. says

    YAY! Very excited that Art & Art 2 are going to be available here. I loved both those classes and learned something new everytime I watched the videos.

    Love the sneaky peek as well :-)

  3. says

    It is so exciting to see what you are up to! And I am so happy you have access to your workshops att 2peas. Want to see them again!

    I hope and think that you are doing your own line of scrapbook Supplies!

  4. says

    My guess is another Art Class that will be hosted on your very own site! :)

    Beautiful sneak peek!

    Thanks for sharing the news on the previous 2 Art Classes. I will look forward to it! :)

  5. says

    I’m hoping for an artclass3 as well! I hope when you have your other classes back they will be available since I missed the first go around!

  6. says

    I’m voting for a new class tied to the project. And maybe a new line?? That would be marvelous. Whatever it is, I’m just so happy you’ll still be accessible!!

  7. says

    I am so curious!! It could be a new class or your own line of embellishments. Or a book? Or ….? I don’t know but am sure that it will be great!

  8. says

    I’m thinking it’s an online class – I’m hoping it’s a class – or perhaps your own line of products???? Whatever it is, it will be awesome! Love you, Wilna!

  9. says

    I think you are going to be doing online workshops and they might just involve a layout with stencils made from your silhouette machine and sprayed with watercolour paint.
    I can’t wait to join you on your next journey! (insert excited face) And SO great of Two Peas to allow you the rights of your workshops back again. You put in so much hard work it’s great that they will truly belong to you again. (insert 10 hearts) Cheers!

  10. says

    YIPEE!!!!! I am so happy to hear both bits of news, I cant wait to get my hands on Art Class 2 as well as the new stuff. You are such an inspiration Wilna. Keep up the amazing work!!!

  11. yolanda s says

    A new line of products by U or a new class? I can’t choose. How about both! It looks amazing whatever it is. Thanks for all the inspiration you’ve given to us all. I’m so happy I won’t lose the classes from 2peas. You just made my day. Thx again!

  12. says

    These have probably been guessed already, but I would say either a new workshop incorporating more “art” watercolours etc but with a closer look at incorporating and altering cuts and all your images and cut files or…. Your own line revealed?? That would be awesome but I better be able to get it in Australia!! Haha. I really can’t wait. Awesome news about your new wedding photography venture. All the best. :-)

  13. Seda says

    Hi WIlna,

    I love love love the beautiful water colour writing on that page and hoping that you are working on your own line of stencils & stamps, are you?! Well whatever it is I am sure it’ll turn out great and inspire us even more!

  14. says

    Something to do with using stencils in mixed media? So glad things have come together for you with your classes and hope you had chance to relax over the summer.

  15. says

    Super sneak peak!!! I’m guessing you got a line of your own stamps????? Or maybe a complete scrapbook line??? Cannot wait to see what it is? And super yay for getting the rights to your classes! I’ll wait patiencely when acces to them is ready, although that’s very hard, because I totally love them! (got them both!!!)

  16. Karen Beldon says

    Hoping it’s your own line or new art class/layout videos?! :) Love all you do and can’t wait to hear the news, and to have you back (even though the guest posts have been awesome!)

  17. says

    This looks lovely! Adore that watercolor script. Yaaay so hopefully I can take the art classes in the fall! That will totally make my season! Can’t wait to hear!

  18. says

    I’m glad that you got the rights to your classes from 2 peas wilna! my guess is artclass 3 or maybe your first scrapbok line? But whatever you are working on, it looks amazing! Can’t wait to find out what is it!

  19. Melissa Hoffman says

    Good to hear from you. I can hear the excitement in your post.

    Im going to guess your putting together an online class. With potentially some Wilna scrapping goodness to use.

  20. says

    It has to be another class on mixed media scrap booking techniques – it just has to be because I only purchased your 1st class @ 2Peas & then they closed before I could get your 2nd class so…I NEED this!!!!

    The peek looks gorgeous as always! Missed you this month, but loving the guest projects.

  21. says

    I’m guessing you’re working on a new virtual workshop like art class which would be awesome! I purchased all your classes on two peas so I’m happy to know that in the future somehow I’ll get to watch all the videos again….however you figure that out…hehe. So excited for whatever you have in store for us!

  22. says

    I love everyone’s ideas and I think you should do them ALL! I thought maybe you would teach a class on Big Picture Classes or Studio Calico?? I would love to see your own line. Thanks for all your videos and inspiration!

  23. says

    Your sneak peek makes me think in stencils… Anyway, I’m sure it will be great. I can’t wait to know it and see what are you working on.

  24. says

    Wow Wilna!! This sneak peak is amazing!! I can’t wait to see all the page!! I’m thinking in your own line… with stencils, stamps…

  25. says

    Well I’ve been so sure this entire time that you were working on a new class of some sorts. A lot of people are commenting that you’ll have a new line out and I must say I never thought of that. (Even though Noel was been requesting it for ages on PTR) If you come out with a line I will just break the bank!

  26. says

    That’s my guess too, your own line!!!! That would be so AMAZING!!!!! (Insert ten red hearts here) This sneak peek is just fabulously amazing!!! I’m off to go check your photography page now. Love everything you touch, Wilna!!! xox

  27. says

    Looks so gorgeous…. Is it your own scapbooking line – downloadable??
    Whatever it is – it looks pretty amazing. Awesome as usual Wilna xxx

  28. says

    Oh Wilna! That’s amazing sneak peak!!! I can’t wait to see full page! And ready to join new workshop:)
    Is that about lettering and paint? New watercolor techniques? Sure that will be great!
    Hugs xxx

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