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 I am a little short tempered sometimes when it comes to my girls and dance competitions. There’s always a head piece missing, or the music for the solo was left at home or one shoe has gone m.i.a. (true stories). So when I get rallied up, my husband will dryly say: Relax! Nothing is under control.  This has become a standard saying in our household. After a whole week of dance competitions where I heard it so many times, I decided to eternalize it in a die cut.  Hence the new cuts (relax Phrases and Oh NO! phrases)  available on today.

As I explain in my video, I can sometimes do the same thing again and again until I feel that I have explored it to it’s fullest. This is one of those pages. I use a bunch of techniques that I have done before (as you can see in this page here) but the result is different and also new in some ways!  I mix acrylic paint and white glue and I am not sure that the glue makes a difference but  I felt that even if it hardens  the paint a little bit it will be worth it.
This page turned out so soft and sweet and I think the message is really fun. Thanks so much for watching the video! Your kind comments and support to my new approach to making weekly videos inspires me to keep doing it. It REALLY is becuase of you.

Today, I am giving away some extra cuts! If you want a little box filled with cuts (some you see here and some are from other files I created), Please leave me a comment! I will pick a name next week. Please tell me what you want to see more of in my weekly videos. My aim is to make art and make it in the most fun way possible!

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Love till next Wednesday!
Wilna Furstenberg

ETA: winner of this give away is ~Kate~ that said: Love watching your videos. I don’t have this type of cutter so would love to win a box of cuts so I can play with some Wilna style layouts.
Please email me your address!


  1. says

    Your pages are always so full of love and light; it really shines thru. And really, I can’t get enough of your lovely accent. More videos of anything. You can read me the dictionary and I would be happy!

  2. says

    Beautiful page as always! honestly, I just want to see more of your videos exactly how you’re doing them now!! your style is so inspiring and that’s enough for me!!

  3. says

    Thank you for your videos! I so enjoy watching them, learning new techniques, and all the inspiration they give me! I enjoy all the types of things you currently show us, and would also love videos about some of your pre layout prep such as printing photos (do you print yourself, what type of printer, etc) and how you store your photos digitally (I’m signing up for your Lightroom class right after this comment hehe), etc.

    Calvin & Hobbes rock…the snowmen series are some of my faves!

  4. says

    I am relatively new to your blog and am really enjoying all the mixed media techniques on your scrap pages. It really makes me want to get out my paints!

  5. Anonymous says

    Love this page! Will be creating my own tonight! Thank you for all of the inspiration, it’s helped to open up so much more in my scrapbooking. Art really is a cheap form of therapy!
    I would love to see more with gesso and embossing paste. Gelattos too!

  6. says

    love love all the cuts you have created! I would like to see a video on how to do a cut on camero before you start a layout. I feel like this step is missing since you usually have it ready to go. Thanks for sharing your glorious talent!! Lori in AZ

  7. says

    love love love all that you create!
    What about a video about how you fix that LO that was perfect …and then oops…not so much. I do this all to often 😉

  8. says

    As someone who can’t seem to help but stress about everything in life, I love this title! I don’t mind seeing a repeat of techniques. We all do it. Beside each time results in a different look and different feel!

    (You must exclude me from the giveaway as I have already won some of your wonderful cuts!)

  9. says

    I look forward to all of your videos, Wilna! Honestly, lately I’m really enjoying seeing you create layouts with the cut files you are designing – so please keep including some of those types of videos as you think about what to film!

    I loved learning how you can add glue to the paint to get that dimensional look! I love seeing you work with “art supplies” along with more traditional scrapping items to create your beautiful pages.

    What about a video where you take a “blooper” or “mess up” and see if you can save the layout instead of starting over. That’s something most of us can relate too, I would think! Would love to see some of your ideas on that. :-)

  10. says

    Love your videos & all your amazing art work.
    I would love a little box of cut files as I don’t have a fancy machine of my own to do this.
    Thanks for all the inspiration.

  11. Veronica Ess says

    you always have me reaching for items i wouldn’t think to use, wilna! i enjoyed your video (i think it was on 2peas) of your version of project life! i myself don’t do project life either, but use the page protectors! thanks for the beauty you create!

  12. Melissa Shim says

    Love seeing all your pages… I would enjoy seeing mini albums! Yours are always so creative, using things I wouldn’t think to (wood, coffee holders)

  13. says

    I so look forward to your weekly videos…they are just perfect!! I love that you explore a technique(s) throughly before you move on…you are a true artist!!!!! I also love love your sense of humor, you make me laugh out loud! I would love to win a little box of your cuts as I don’t have any kind of cutting machine. Keep working your magic, you are amazing!! :) Evie

  14. says

    You really are such an inspiration – I just know that I’ll be reaching for my paints and glue when I scrap tomorrow. Thanks Wilna, you’re fab! xx

  15. Sonja says

    I am new to watching your videos and you have such great techniques! You have definitely inspired me to try something new on my pages. Thank you.

  16. says

    I love the feeling I get when I see all your pages. Please keep the videos coming. Your way of describing your techniques make it seem like I could do them too. A little stash of your die cuts would be so inspiring.

  17. says

    I love the paint. It reminded me of fluffy marshmallows. My favorite tutorials are layouts and die cuts. You inspire me to use my Cameo more often. I love when you use different mediums too. Your a wonderful crafter and I look forward to your video’s. Always grateful for you and thank you for taking the time to create them for us. TFS <3

  18. says

    Thank you sharing your layout and process! Glad i’m not the only one that uses the “relax” phrase all the time…..hah! Beautiful layout.

  19. says

    I love everything you do.. All your pictures are almost with white neutral backgrounds.I would like to know how to use pictures taken night time with dark backgrounds to scrap.I cant come up with a color scheme to work with those kind of pictures

  20. says

    Thanks again Wilna for the awesome video. I think you are covering everything in your videos – I love it when you include some form of mixed media. It is always just the right amount…. I am saving for a silhouette so would loooove to win a box full of goodies. Am buying your protea printables tomorrow. Thanks for being so generous and awesome.

  21. Karrie L says

    I am loving your weekly videos and the wide variety of techniques you cover. Keep them coming and thanks for the giveaway.

  22. says

    Love watching your videos. I don’t have this type of cutter so would love to win a box of cuts so I can play with some Wilna style layouts.


  23. says

    And again, what a great page Wilna! I love your new series of videos every week and can’t wait what’s up next week!
    Thank you 1000 times for all the inspirations :-)
    Hahaha and I’m a biiiiig Calvin and Hobbes fan!! I have a complete collection!
    Have a lovely day!

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