New Garden girl page: Summer!

Right now I am working on workshop pages for this coming October where I will be traveling to Europe with a friend to teach a workshop in Germany! I really forget how much time and effort goes into creating content for a workshop… and I am still only on the supply list! If any of the girls attending this workshop reads this blog… leave me a comment to say HI!

This is a new page I created for 2peas in a bucket. The process was so simple and so much fun. I am recreating this page (or very similar) in my artclass 2 workshop to show the process (in a video)… Just because this is such a fun page to make. It’s playful and wonderful to use the last pieces of scraps and embellishments on. :)

I hope you have a great summer so far… I am having some long hours of uninterrupted work which I really love and are grateful for.
Wilna Furstenberg


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    hi Wilna, I’ll try to be there in the scrapbook-werkstatt Event. we already have plans for the Weekend, but perhaps on Friday. I hope I can do it, would really love to meet you IRL and remember the good old shark feed times LOL

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    Beautiful page!
    I’m really hoping I will attend the workshop in Germany, still trying to work out the logistics… I love your work, and hope I get to see you there!

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    Hi Wilna, I’m going to attend your Workshops in Germany! I am sooo looking forward to them :-)! It will be great! I love your styla and especially your usage of fun colors :-)!

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    Hi Wilna,
    I’m going to the Scrapbook Werkstatt Event in October in Germany and I’m really looking forward to meeting you in real life!!! I admire your style and work. I’m really happy that you are coming to Germany! I’ve been to the event twice in the past and all the girls are lovely and the location is really nice. I’m sure it’s going to be all fine and fun! Warm regards, Sandra

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    Oh my goOdness I am in love with this layout, definitely a favorite of mine. You make everything so beautiful I wish I had your talent. I want a video for every layout you do, I love watching your process.

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