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So, today on two peas in a bucket, I am sharing my newest in the mood to scrap video. Sometimes you make a page that you love but you are not sure how everyone will respond to it because it’s a bit messy. well, I decided to include it anyway because there’s some cool techniques that I show in the video. AND I am in the middle of the Artclass 2 storm… so, I really didn’t have time to recreate a page to my ultimate scrapbooking satisfaction. Have a look at the video and let me know what you think! :)

It’s an amazing thing what happens when one is so creative for such a long time. You go from what on earth must I do… to… I think up 6 impossible things before breakfast! For the new artclass, I am making 50 pages (Yes, I do all 50 pages). I will do 10 videos again and another beautiful PDF artclass notes. BUT then there’s some surprises in store that I am so excited to share as soon as 2peas and I work out the details. Let me put it this way… If you haven’t purchased my current artclass, you might as well do it right now, because really, it’s only getting better.

TODAY I am giving away one spot in my artclass… if you have NOT signed up, but you have been thinking about it, leave me a comment! (with your 2peas username)

This summer I am swimming in the lake, enjoying the little things, listening to lots of music and Andy Stanley. You can click any of the episodes and be blessed. Even if you are not super spiritual, you will love the common sense approach Andy has to life.

I will share more stuff soon!!Here’s some of the products I used on the page:

Wilna Furstenberg

ETA: winner of my artclasslilinfang. Comments now closed.


  1. Meagan Whelan says

    Love what my sis has done from your class! and I CAN’T wait for your next class!! user name is meg0522 :)

  2. says

    I’m already taking your art class and I must say that I’ve loved every single second of it! It’s the best class I’ve ever taken. You’ve done a fantastic job, Wilna, I’m one of your biggest fans! Thank you for the endless inspiration and your willingness to share your expertise with everyone in the class!

  3. says

    I love your videos! They are so far out of my comfort zone & that is why I adore them, so much to learn and wish I could make! Thanks for the chance to win!-merry67

  4. says

    Not sure if i’m too late for this.. but anyway, you’re always so inspiring Wilna! I love that you stay true to your own style – and it always turns out awesome!
    I can’t believe you’re making 50 LOs for your class – I’d love to win a spot :) 2peas: michelleun

  5. says

    I would love to take your class!! I could seriously use some help in that department and have tons of beautiful pictures from my only daughter’s (out of 5–4 boys) wedding in Disney World last December right before Christmas. They are just waiting for some artistic inspiration and I can use all the help I can get!!! Absolulely love your work!!! Wish I had a tiny bit of your talent:)
    2 peas name is stressed_momof5

  6. says

    Hello lovely lady!!
    MY oh my I’m SUPER pleased you posted this page, I love messy, lots going on totally eye catching pages, don’t think it needed tweeking at all!!
    As for a spot in your class, that would be the best bit of my MONTH!!! WOW i’d love that!!! thanks for the chance to win!! :) :)
    Smiles SHarnee :)
    p.s i don’t have a 2peas name?????

  7. says

    What a wonderful video and page! Thanks a lot for your inspiration.
    I’d love to win your art class to have an inspiring and sunny autumn. My Pea-name is luna3

  8. says

    Hi Wilna! Thanks for the lovely video and always inspire me to try mix media and techniques! Your pastel love is refreshing! 2peas username : emoh

  9. says

    Hi. I love your layout and your mood of scrap video. For many years You have been my favorite scrapbooker… I am going to sign up for Your artclass, but I will be very happy if I win s spot…
    Big hug from Norway…

    My nick name on two peas is olavasverden

  10. says

    Wilna, you are one of my scrapbooking inspirations! I look forward to every new video you upload and would love to win a spot in your class!


  11. says

    Truthfully I am doubtful of online classes. Don’t get me wrong , I love your videos, but I have bought poor quality a couple of time and was disappointed.

  12. says

    Sigh I cannot wait for Art Class 2…I had to place myself during Art Class one because I wanted to watch all the videos at once! It gave me such great motivation to actually scrapbook and not just collect. Thanks for the opportunity my pea name is jen0703

  13. says

    My heart goes pitter-pat when I watch your videos. In part because it is so wonderful to hear your voice, but likewise it is so inspiring to watch your process and techniques! Your color combination is so perfect. I love your page and your beautiful Tia just makes it even more perfection! Dear Wilna, you move me. :) I have listened to part of Andy Stanley’s guardrails too. Good stuff! You and I will hopefully do coffee together again in this lifetime. I miss you! Have a wonderful summer too!

  14. Anonymous says

    I would love to win a spot in your class! I love everything you make!! Thank you for a chance to win.
    My 2peas name is Lori P.

  15. says

    I love love love your work!! Thanks for a chance to win a spot in your class!! I know it has to be awesome!!

    My 2Peas name is Favord3D.

    Thanks again!! <3

  16. says

    Oh this page is so gorgeous!! I love all your work, I get so much inspiration from it but I didn’t have the chance to by your class. Thanks for the chance to win a spot in your beautiful and incredibly inspirational workshop.


    2peas name: olatz

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