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I created this page for 2peas’ June theme: Milestones. You can view the page in the 2peas garden here with some more details. This page was inspired by this beautiful page by Marcy Penner. I loved the idea of dividing the page in 2 and make one half very textured and the other half very calm.

The summer has at last came to the far north! we have had some awesome days and my front garden is bringing me much joy. Every year when summer comes I am so thankful for the little things: Watering my garden, rain showers, sitting on the deck drinking soda and lemon. Warmth, breezes, open windows and open doors. Right now i am opening the door of my heart wide! I am so open to learn new things and become more self aware. Most of all I am diving into working on my new workshop that will come out in the fall, planning a few trips over the borders and loving Blue Bloods. The integrity of this show leaves my heart all warm with every episode. I am on season 3 and don’t want it to end.This weekend we have our dance recital year end shows. 6 shows in 4 days. What a marathon. And between the 3 girls, they have 23 items! Wish us luck!

Much love and a kiss….

Wilna Furstenberg


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    Love your beautiful page, and as you mentioned – the idea of more detail on half of it, and more open on the other half.
    Hope the recitals went well! Whew! That’s a lot of dances! :) I’ve just had 2 dancers in I think 3 recitals in one weekend. It’s quite the time! Love it though. :)

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